About Me

Lifestyle Wedding Photography

Being a romantic, observant and creative guy, Wedding photography is a natural choice for me and I love it! What's better than to capture a celebration of love and commitment? 

I pride myself on being unobtrusive, friendly, easy going and adaptable but I'm not afraid to organise a large group of people! As you can see from my work, I like to capture magic moments naturally; so much so that couples often say they didn't know I was taking a lot of the shots!

I like to get to know you before your Wedding (don't worry, I won't be randomly turning up at your door!), so that we all feel comfortable and relaxed with each other. We would discuss your plans for your special day and any special requirements you may have. This is your day, so whatever you say goes; well, within reason!!

I offer 4 main Wedding Photography Packages. Please contact me and I will email them to you. nick@nickhuggins.co.uk

Wedding Products

A full range of Wedding products are available, from Wedding Books and Thank You cards to personalised lampshades – please enquire with me. To view the range of home interiors products which can be personalised just for you, please visit our brother (you'll see what I mean!) http://www.lemonbrothersdesigns.com  site. 

My Background

Ever since my very dear Grandma gave me a camera at about 9 years of age, I have been absorbed by image making. Although I studied art at college, it was photography that really floated my boat! I was trained classically and I was employed in photography even before I had finished my photography course!

I hate to say but that was more than a few years and a few pictures ago!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any queries.  

Photographic Equipment

I'm a stickler for quality, so my photographic gear is the best!

For any camera buffs out there, I use a Hasselblad medium format camera and a Phase digital Back with some hefty lenses. I usually use that for commercial jobs as it's not built for speed! To view my commercial work, please click http://www.nickhuggins.co.uk

For Weddings, I use a Nikon D810, the best in the DSLR range.

For perspective control, I use an Arca Swiss F-Line compact and I attach the Phase Back on to it.

I use Capture One software to process my images that I always shoot in a RAW format. Again, these are the finest you can use.

Using Format